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Unique tehnology with embossed adhesive part. It allow to prolong a bonding time 50%.

Package – 12 rows.

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Laser Mink Lashes from BL Lash. Newly processed Third Generation Lashes (3G) by unique tehnology with embossed adhesive part. It allow to prolong a bonding time. Embossed Lash root by BL unique technology allow the easy setup of lash extension and prolonged bonding life due to broad adhesion part. Easy application because Laser Lashes are not turned on the adhesive part and have better adhesion onto natural eyelashes. Eyelashes of high quality have intense black color, natural shine. Very soft and flexible. Excellent extension effect due to lightness and naturalness. Have a perfect flexible curve. Eyelashes are of very high quality, extremely light and comfortable. Made of artificial materials of new generation.

Laser Mink eyelashes BL are available in hard plastic boxes. Sort by 12 rows per package, on a sticky tape, for easy work with tweezers, thus sufficiently accelerating the extension procedure.

Approximate number of lashes in the box, depending on thickness:

0.15mm – 2500psc.

0.20mm – 2000psc.

0.25mm – 1400psc.

There are types of eyelash curve below:

J-curve eyelashes.

Polished tip of lashes looks very natural!

Highlight the beauty of natural lashes.

B-curve eyelashes.

This is a special edition of eyelashes, their curve lies between the curve of J-curve and C-curve eyelashes. Used when a customer wants to slightly highlight eyelashes.

C-curve eyelashes.

The most popular lashes. They always look great!

D-curve eyelashes.

This edition of eyelashes is not for everyone. However, when the customer wants a really strong curve, these eyelashes allow not use eyelash curling device.

L-curve eyelashes.

A special edition of eyelashes. These kinds of eyelashes have a greater degree of bending with natural eyelash, thus eyelashes are more stable and durable. Extension procedure is fast and easy.

Garums (mm)

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14


0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15